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CDD December Board News
Posted on December 1, 2017 by Dick Loar
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CDD Board News
The CDD Board of Supervisors held their Monthly meeting on Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM. As usual the meeting was held in the Civic Center Ballroom.  We also heard several comments and requests from audience members.  If you don’t regularly attend the meeting, please come; as resident input is always appreciated.  If you are unable to attend send an e-mail or drop a letter at the front desk.
As usual we began the meeting with audience comments/questions.
 1.) Residents on Melogold that border the storm water pond on hole #8 requested permission to install a fountain in the pond.  The residents will pay for the fountain and the board will reimburse a resident for the electrical usage.  This is the same process approved by the board in previous requests.  This request was approved by the board.
2.) The shuffleboard group requested assistance in purchasing new shuffleboard equipment and paint for the benches.  The group has agreed to provide any necessary labor. The group will contribute $100.00 and requested financial assistance from the board to cover costs over that amount.  The board approved spending up to $200.00.
3.) Encroachment of last year’s plantings made to control erosion was also discussed.  The primary focus was the storm water ponds on hole #10 (at the front entrance) and hole # 14 (between Jaffa and Eustis).  During the drought the plantings expanded further into the ponds than expected.  The new aquatic maintenance company will be addressing controlling this issue over the next few months. Dick Loar also expressed his frustration with the lawn maintenance companies not following best practice procedures and leaving a buffer zone at the pond edge. CDD and HOA management will be meeting again with the landscape contractors and ensure they all understand the expected standard of work.
4.) Various other landscaping issues were discussed.  A request was made to establish a committee to address issues and work out solutions.  The formal committee idea was squashed by our attorney who cited the Florida Sunshine Law.  This law prohibits members of a formal committee established by the board from meeting and discussing issues without a formal meeting notice, recoded minutes, etc.  However, Tony Buzzeo and Kathy Nafis agreed to work informally with Steve Fowler to address issues.  If you want to help, please contact Steve Fowler in the office and he will let Kathy and Tony know your interest.
5.) Finally, the noise on Berna from the traffic on US 41 was discussed.  While we don’t have the solution Bill Boutin is still working with State Senator Wilton Simpson on obtaining funds for additional plantings along US 41 to attenuate some of the noise.
The board approved the purchase of 3 new AED devices to be installed in the clubhouse area.  Training on the use of these devices along with CPR training will occur soon.
The District Engineer indicated that the work to improve drainage on Cleopatra Dr. should commence on Nov 15th and hopefully by the time you read this it will be completed. They will also be repairing some of the sidewalk areas on Melogold.  He also revealed that the drainage between Groves and Connerton at hole number 4 bridge is being investigated. He also said that they are still working to determine the reason for the overflow from the reclaim pond on to hole #9.  The board also approved replacing the Stop signs and other signage that is not in compliance with the revised code.  It also includes repainting of the striping on the pavement. Doing so will allow the Sheriff to begin patrolling the community.
As you know the State Police have been patrolling the Groves and have issued several citations.  Let your visitors know to observe the traffic laws and as residents you also need to follow the 20 MPH Speed Limit and Stop at Stop Signs.  Remember even in a Golf Cart you need to comply with the law.  
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