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December HOA Board News
Posted on December 1, 2017 by Glenn Douglass
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HOA  Board News
Hello, December, the hot and humid weather has finally started to break as we finish up the rest of the fall season and welcome in the winter at the end of this month. December is traditionally an active month in our lives and in our community. The holiday season is a festive time each year and brings with it several events and gatherings. Please remember to stay safe and enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. Welcome back to all our residents from the North who have returned; and for those yet to come, we wish you safe travels. December 16 is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, so please feel free to enjoy your favorite chocolate-covered morsel!

The most recent meeting of the HOA Board of Directors was held in the Ballroom on October 25. Here are a few highlights from that meeting: Spectrum has made an unsolicited proposal to extend the bulk cable contract for an additional 5 years. The Board approved the formation of a committee to review the proposal and appointed Bill Boutin as the Liaison to the committee once it is formed. The Board voted and approved changes to the community standards to accept the specific Police, Fire and First Responder banners as recom-mended by the Architectural Control Committee. The Board voted and approved the formation of a second Roofing Advisory Commit-tee to incorporate the recommendations of the first roofing committee and formulate the request for proposals (RFP) to gather bids for the future roofing project in the community. Jim Nearey was appointed as the Liaison to this committee.

The golf course is in much better shape going into December than it has been in for several months. Drew and his crew from ABM have worked hard to get the course in shape for the upcoming busy season. I also feel the need to mention Bill Boutin’s role in the way the course is shaping up for the season. Bill has worked tirelessly with Drew and ABM to ensure they are meeting all the goals as agreed upon to bring the course back to where it once was. On behalf of the rest of the HOA Board, I would like to thank Bill for all his efforts.

There have been several efforts recently to enhance the overall look of the golf course. As of this issue the new tee box markers are in place, with fairway markers and sand boxes to follow. ABM will be installing over 2000 one-gallon plants around the course and then mulching those areas. This project should be completed by the time this issue hits the streets.

There was also an initiative brought forward by Betty Douglass to replace the individual hole markers at the tee boxes of each hole. Through 15 individual private donations as well as donations from the HOA, The Groves Men’s Golf Association and The Groves Women’s Golf Club, each hole placard will be replaced with a six-foot engraved granite stone, complete with The Groves logo, hole number, distances from the red, white and blue tee boxes and the outline of the hole. We should start to see these stones installed some-time in January.

One final note: On behalf of the HOA Board of Directors I would like to thank Van and Sue Bradley for all their efforts in support of our community over the last few years. Van and Sue have been very active, served on several committees and have done a wonderful job volunteering and organizing volunteers for numerous projects. Recently, they decided to move out of our community and live closer to family in the Timber Pines Community. Thank you both very much for all that you have done and best wishes in all your future endeavors.