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Proposed Changes to Community Standards for Oct HOA
Posted on September 19, 2017 by Tom Dee (CAM)
The Board of Directors approved the following proposed changes during the August HOA meeting:
3.08 Fences and Walls. Add the following sentence: Attachment or application of additional screen materials on approved gates or
fences shall be see-through and approved by the ACC.
Include the statement in 3.13 Poles, Antenna, Masts & Satellite Dishes.
It is the Homeowners responsibility to check the impact of this installation on the roof warranty. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of removal and replacement of devises or equipment for Club, Courtyard, and Patio 1 homes, covered by 15.2.5 of CC&R’s when the HOA roof replacement program is implemented.
3.14 Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment. Amend reference to 3.05 Fences and Walls to 3.08 Fences and Walls.
3.21 Banners. No banner shall be larger than 3’ x 5’. No banner shall be flown on a free standing flag pole. A banner can be flown using a pole affixed to residence or placed in the yard as a garden flag. The garden flag may not to exceed 36” in height. No more than two (2) banners may be displayed at one time. First Responders (Police, Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Service) are permitted to be flown as banners only. The banners must comply with the images below: (Please see admin office for details)
Other than seasonal banners, the homeowner must first obtain prior approval of the ACC. Banners displaying sport teams shall be allowed for use on the day/weekend of the game. No banner shall exceed the height of the official US flag. No banner will be allowed if it is in disrepair, faded or deemed offensive or inappropriate by the ACC, in its sole discretion.
3.24 Mailboxes/Mailbox Posts.  Mailboxes shall conform to the existing design and color (black). All replacements shall be of similar design and color. No letters, numbers, or designs are allowed on the mailbox other than as originally installed by the builder. The resident may apply removable appropriate seasonal decorations to mail box and posts. American flag decals/appliques may be displayed at any time. No flags or banners may be affixed to mail boxes or posts.
3.27 Decorative Shutters. Change the first sentence, second line: and must be the same color of the dwelling body, door or trim.
Additionally, the resident has the option to use black or white paint. (See 3.10 Exterior Finish and Colors).
5.03 Vehicles and Parking. Change the third sentence and add forth & fifth sentences:
Parking is permitted on the street for no longer than 4 hours within a 24 hour period regardless of vehicle location/relocation.
Overnight parking on the streets of the Community is prohibited. Exceptions to the 4 hour rule may be granted if Administration office is notified in advance.
6.02 Energy Saving Devices: According to F.S. 163.04, Energy devises, residents may use a clothesline for the purpose of conserving
energy. The conditions of use are as follows: the clothesline must be collapsible and not attached to the residence or retaining walls.
Use of the clothesline is limited to dawn to dusk. The homeowner must make every effort to have the clothesline in the least visible place possible so long as this does not unreasonably impair the operation. The clothesline location must be approved by the ACC prior to use.

The Board of Directors will adopt the changes during the October HOA meeting.