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Is There a Cure for The Common Cold?
Posted on January 18, 2018 by Tom Marbell
Is There a Cure for the Common Cold?
As some of you know, I’ve been involved in physical fitness from the time I was a child to my current ripe old age of 75.   Despite being exposed to many people at the gym, on cruises, in airplanes and other public locations, I very rarely catch a cold and when I do, it is gone in a day or two at most.  I don’t believe this is just good luck or a coincidence.
Studies have shown that in addition to washing our hands frequently and keeping them away from our eyes and noses, frequent physical activity strongly influences the odds of getting sick with an upper respiratory infection.
I’ve recently learned that there several positive changes occur in the immune system during moderate exercise.  It increases the recirculation of neutrophils and natural kill cells which play a critical role immune defenses.  
The immune system returns to pre-exercise levels within a few hours after completing an exercise session.  However frequent exercise sessions result in increased immune surveillance which reduces the risk of infection in the future.
In addition to proper hygiene, the experts recommend a combination of the following life-saving strategies to reduce the Upper Respiratory Infection risk:
-Daily walking and/or exercise
-Regular sleep
-Eating properly including a high intake of fruit
-Stress Management
Avoiding colds as much as possible is another reason that exercise is so important to seniors.  Start your fitness plan today!
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