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October HOA Board News
Posted on September 28, 2017 by Glenn Douglass
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HOA BOARD NEWS - October 2017
Submitted by Glenn Douglass, HOA President

As our community ushers in the Month of October and the fall season continues, the hot weather will start to diminish and we will welcome the transition into the cooler months.  Our friends and neighbors from the North will start to return to the community as we enjoy the start of the most pleasant months of the year in Florida.  For all our residents traveling back to the Groves we wish you safe travels and cannot wait for your return, you have been missed.
I will say this, being in Florida for only 5 years, Hurricane IRMA was mine and Betty’s first experience with a storm such as this and although it was not as bad as originally predicted it was still a stressful couple of days. The community handled the storm very well with no serious damage. The HOA and CDD board members along with the  management companies held meetings prior to the storm, preparations were made and plans were in place for before and after the storm.  The Golf Course took on a lot of water and some tree damage but nothing we cannot recover from.  I would like to thank the many residents that stepped up and offered to help during this time of need, this was just another example of the great community that we live in.
The most recent meeting of the HOA Board of Directors was held in the ballroom on August 23rd, 2017.  Here are a few highlights from that meeting:   
  • The Board presented our second Employee Recognition Award to Richard Moore who has worked in the Golf Pro-Shop for 5 years and most recently took on the new position of Pro-Shop Manager.  
  • The Board approved funds for several golf course beautification projects that will be getting underway soon to help make the course look and play better for the coming season.  
  • The Golf Committee made their recommendations for golf rates for the 2018 season.  They recommended no change to the rates for 2018 as well as no change to the golf subsidy for 2018. The Board approved the proposal unanimously.
  •  I am pleased to announce an update to the flag issue from last month, although Florida Statute would not allow these flags to fly, the ACC recommended we add the Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services to the approved banner list and fly them as you would any other banner in the community.  The Board unanimously approved this recommendation.
  • With Jan-Michael Norman’s departure from the Pro Shop it left us understaffed with golf course, pro shop issues and responsibilities.  I am pleased to announce that Richard Moore, who has been working in the pro shop for over five years, has agreed to stay on and has accepted the position of Pro-Shop Manager and will manage the staff and daily operations of the pro-shop.
  • I am also pleased to say that Bill Boutin has stepped up and will be the board liaison to ABM and the Golf Course Maintenance Contract and thus far has been doing a great job keeping ABM on their toes and adhering to the terms of their maintenance contract.  Thanks to you both for the service you provide to our community in that capacity.