The Groves BLOG
November CDD Manager Update
Posted on November 3, 2017 by Stephen Fowler, Clubhouse Manager
Hello residents, I hope everyone is getting back to normal after such a crazy time. I have some good news. After a bit of a wait the pier is now open!!! Bill Boutin and his crew went to work and replaced all of the handrails and many of the boards that needed to be replaced. They were able to knock off this big job in one day and it looks great!
Now to the ongoing problem with the front gate. I have received several calls of concern about the gate being left open. Unfortunately, that was the only solution so residents could enter the community with the least impact. If it were left down, after five to ten cars went through, it would stop working, leaving you sitting there with no option but to back up and use the kiosk. This would result in more problems when multiple cars pull up. Once it stops, it won’t go back up! I had several companies inspect it and everyone wanted to blame someone else. The last company I brought in, Accurate Electronics, seems to have it working properly. (Let’s hope!) I will be looking at solutions so hopefully this problem won’t reoccur, but when it comes to anything mechanical, you know what can happen. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Lastly, I realize the pile of debris near the Maintenance and Cart Barn is quite unsightly, but we are still cleaning up additional areas on the golf course and common areas. The pile of debris will be picked up by one of our vendors soon.
The CDD will be putting an order in for memorial pavers soon. Now is the time to get your order in! $20 for each paver. Contact: Stephen Fowler at 813-995-2832 or
Have a great month and remember my door is always open.