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CDD November Update
Posted on November 3, 2017 by Wayne Coe
Categories: 4. CDD Board News
The CDD Board of Supervisors held their monthly meeting on October 3 at 10 AM in the Clubhouse/Civic Center Ballroom. As always, the Board heard several comments and requests from audience members in attendance, so be sure to attend and participate in the business of our community.
At the meeting, the Board approved Stutzman Property Maintenance to cut and remove a dead pine tree from community property and also to chip and haul away the hurricane debris that has accumulated in the maintenance area.
The review of the Traffic Control Report results that evaluated the condition of all ninety-seven signs within our community was discussed. A proposal to bring all signs up to FDOT required size, height, distance, and reflectiveness was also reviewed. Aside from the obvious safety concerns, the Pasco Sheriff’s Department will not patrol our community streets without standardized and certified traffic signs.
The Board reviewed two proposals from vendors to cut and clean the viburnum hedge stretching from our main entrance to the Publix turn-in. Scrub palms, trees, and vines would be removed and the hedge would be shortened to approximately five feet tall in an effort to save the entire hedge. Since we share the entrance, the retail management company will be petitioned to assist in the cost for this improvement. Without a doubt, the hedge will look pretty unsightly until it begins to grow and fill in again like the ones along US 41.
New LED lights have been installed in the maintenance and golf cart shed area and provide much better lighting than the old style lighting that they replaced. Swing by and take a look since we may be approaching Withlacoochee next year to install LED streetlights along Melogold Circle. The restoration work on the Tennis Courts approved last month, including new nets, has been completed. Approval was given this month for the Operations Staff to purchase a new power pole saw to replace the old one that no longer works.
One of the resident concerns expressed at the beginning of the meeting pertained to the plants installed on the bank of the ponds on Holes #10 and #14, encroaching into the water, thus blocking the water view. We all love water views and wish our ponds and waterways could remain completely clear, but the Board must be vigilant in avoiding future community expenses whenever possible. At a Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) Pond Management Course attended by two Board members, we learned that stormwater retention ponds have been certified to hold a certain amount of water. If the pond banks continue to “slide” into the pond over time with sand, silt, mud, and muck, and if SWFWMD determines a pond no longer holds the certified volume, it could require the community to dredge the pond. Dredging has a long complicated permitting process, and is very expensive— estimated to be $100,000 to $250,000 depending upon pond size. Shoreline stabilization with aquascaping is one way to prevent or at least delay the need for dredging. Therefore, the planting of certain species like the purple flowering pickerelweed was done.
A Huge Thank You goes to our Operations Staff, Stephen Fowler, Danny Neeley, and Jeff Acre, who worked tirelessly getting the community ready for Hurricane Irma. Moving all pool furniture indoors, removing Bocce Court shade sails, rolling up Tennis Court windscreens, readying the Dog Parks and Maintenance Area was hard enough…and then it all had to be put back!
Pier Bridge on Melogold Circle is now open for resident use. Thanks to our resident volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the repairs that were needed. Thanks go out to Bob Capo, Don Cooley, Steve Fowler, Danny Kessell, Dick Loar, Mark Laskowski, Tony Pearl, Terry Salin, Bob Thompson, and George Wayne. They worked for six straight hours to accomplish what was a significant amount of needed work. They replaced wooden planks that were tripping hazards as well as all handrails due to splinters and cracking. Benches have also been ordered to replace the current wooden seats that are presently on the Pier.
Looking for Volunteers: The Groves Golf and Country Club is looking for volunteers to assist in manning a golf cart inspection station for our residents to have their carts inspected. The plan would be to undertake this effort during the first week in December. Interested volunteers, please contact Bill Boutin via email at Once a date is confirmed it will be announced on the Community Marquee and The Groves TV Channel. Effort will focus on inspecting tires, batteries, lights, brakes, etc. Items needing repair will be identified to you on a checklist. We will inflate your tires and fill your batteries to the appropriate water levels.