Frequently Asked Questions about our community

All About The Groves
  • Does The Groves Golf and Country Club have a monthly newsletter?
    The Groves Connection is published monthly in digital PDF format and is available on this website.  A paper copy is available on request from the Admin at the Clubhouse.   The Groves Connection contains an abundance of information including articles from the HOA and CDD Boards and Managers, golf, fitness and the various clubs.
    The Newsletter’s Calendar of Events includes the dates and times of indoor and outdoor events and activities, meetings and other useful information. The monthly calendar is also available for viewing or printing on this website.
    For more information about the Groves Connection Newsletter please see the Newsletter FAQ.
  • Is The Groves pet friendly
    Do you have a pet? Many pet owners live in The Groves. We know that your dog or cat is an important part of your family and residents here feel the same.  Our pet policies align with local ordinances and we believe anyone can find a beautiful and welcoming home here while connecting with many other per owners and animal enthusiasts.
    Under The Groves Pet Policy (5.08),  Owners may keep a maximum of two domestic pets so long as such pets or animals do not constitute a nuisance. 
  • What is the history of The Groves?
    History of The Groves 1997-2007 (please click back on your browser to return to this page)
  • Where is The Groves located?
    The Groves Golf and Country Club is located at 7924 Melogold Circle in Land O Lakes Florida 34637. Our phone number is 813.995.2832
  • Is The Groves open to the public?
    The Groves 18 hole par 65 golf course, driving range and practice green facilities are open to the public. Please visit our golf website www.thegrovesgolf.com for more information about our course or to book a tee time.
    Within the Clubhouse, the Groves Grill is open to the public and the Ballroom is available for events on a rental basis. Please contact the CDD Events Manager via email from the "Contact Us" tab or by phone at (813)995-2832 for more information.
  • Are new homes available?
    No, new home construction in The Groves was started in 2000 and completed in 2007. The Groves Golf and Country Club consists of 754 homes constructed by multiple builders. Homebuyers can now select from single-family and attached homes available on a resale-only basis. Homes in the community range from 1,034 to 2,552 square feet of living space with two to four bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, and an attached garage.
    These great floor plans were designed with active adults in mind offering open floor plans and low-maintenance exteriors. Many homes in the community offer covered back patios with scenic golf course views perfect for entertaining guests. Please check the Real Estate page for available homes and agent information.
  • Is there shopping close by?
    Arbor Square at Connerton is located just outside the gated entrance to The Groves and can be easily reached by walking, golf cart or automobile.
  • What are the community standards for The Groves?
    The CC&R's along with the Community Standards comprise the approved rules governing the community.
    Please click this link to the HOA Documents for more information.
  • Can I fly a drone in The Groves?
    In short, NO. The Florida Legislature passed a law making it illegal to take pictures from the air of someone or their property without permission, as long as they have a "reasonable expectation of privacy." 
    Furthermore, Federal Law prohibits flying a drone within 5 miles of an airport (Pilot Country Airport @ SR52) unless permission for the flight has been obtained in advance from the airport.
    Commercial drone operators are allowed to operate drones so long as they are compliant with State and Federal laws. 

CDD / HOA Information
  • Does The Groves CDD have a website?
    Yes. Please use the following link. It will take you to the CDD Website for The Groves.
  • Does The Groves maintain appropriate reserves for Roofing and Painting.
    Yes. The Groves HOA requires an independent evaluation of reserves on a regular basis. Since inception, Homes in The Groves have had exterior painting done several times and the HOA Board has approved plans to begin a re-roofing cycle in December 2018. Homes will be scheduled for re-roofing based on their original closing date.
    The HOA Board also approved a process to accommodate "out of cycle" re-roofing needs. Please see the CAM to discuss requirements for this if needed.
    Please see the re-roofing FAQ for additional information.
  • Is the CDD a part of local government?
    Yes, The Groves CDD is a unit of local Pasco County government. Board meetings must be noticed in a local newspaper and are always conducted in public. The CDD Supervisors are subject to the same financial disclosure requirements and must comply with Florida laws governing elections as do other local officials.
  • Who can vote in The Groves CDD elections?
    Only registered voters residing in The Groves are allowed to vote on the CDD Seat up for election where there is no opposition. Unlike HOA elections, CDD elections are overseen by the Pasco County Elections Supervisor which counts and certifies the ballots. You must have a current voter registration in the state of Florida and be living in The Groves to be eligible to vote.
  • What is a HOA?
    Each HOA (or Homeowners Association) can vary a bit based on the community or subdivision, but an HOA fee is basically a predetermined set fee that each homeowner in the community pays monthly, quarterly, or annually to help maintain the community. In an HOA, a homeowner is also subject to certain Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which outline what a homeowner may or may not do with the property. In The Groves, HOA fees are set on an annual basis by the Home Owners Association as part of the annual budget process and vary based on the home type. HOA fees in The Groves are paid quarterly.
  • What is a deed restricted community?
    A deed restricted community is where the community has a homeowner association that has rules and regulations (CC&R's) pertaining to the use of land and the look of the neighborhood. The standards for residents of The Groves can be viewed HERE.
  • What is a CDD?
    A community development district (CDD) is a local, special-purpose government framework authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes. A CDD allows the developer to finance the costs with a CDD bond through tax-free municipal bonds. This is basically a loan. That “loan” is repaid by the homeowners in the community, with each property charged an annual amount. The CDD shows as an assessment on the homeowners’ tax bill each year and is collected by the county tax collector. Usually a portion of the CDD collected is the actual bond repayment, and the balance is the continued Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the community. The bond portion has an end date similar to a mortgage.
    The Groves Community Development District, is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within The Groves. This construction was financed through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing. As a result, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are open and accessible to the general public.
    The Groves CDD is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected by the property owners. A professional manager implements the policies of the Board. Board members have varying terms and are elected by the registered voters resident within the district during a general election. CDD Supervisors are subject to Florida State ethics and financial disclosure laws. The CDD's business is conducted in the "Sunshine," which means all meetings and records are open to the public. Public hearings are held on CDD assessments; and, the CDD's budget is subject to annual independent audit.
    Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.

Clubhouse Questions
  • Are Clubhouse rooms available for rental to non-residents?
    Please see the Clubhouse Rental Policy and contact the CDD Clubhouse manager for more information .
  • Are Clubhouse rooms available to residents?
    Please see the Rental / Use Policy. Contact the CDD Clubhouse Manager for more information.
  • Bulletin Boards – What Belongs and What Does Not Belong?
    There are several Bulletin Boards in the community located either in the Clubhouse Hallway or the Lanai Area. The Hallway Boards are reserved for use only by their managing organization (Social Club, Travel Club, Tennis Club etc.) The Lanai Board is available for residents’ to post articles for sale or information regarding general community activities. Under no circumstances may services for profit be advertised.  This also includes articles being sold from a business for profit.
    In the Lanai Hallway, opposite the Bulletin Board, there is a display for business cards which may be used if there is a free space.
  • Where can alcoholic beverages be consumed?
    The Groves liquor license is held by both The Groves HOA and the operator of The Groves Grill. The Groves HOA maintains "liquor liability" insurance coverage against potential liability arising from the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on property leased and owned by The Groves HOA.
    It is The Groves Policy that ONLY alcoholic beverages purchased from The Groves Grill will be allowed in the following clubhouse, community common areas and golf course:
    • Ballroom
    • The Groves Grill & Bar
    • Screened Lanai
    • Card Room
    • Lobby
    • Pool Area
    • Golf Course
    This policy applies to ALL Groves Residents, their guests, visitors and outside caterers.
  • Who is responsible for the Clubhouse facility?
    The Groves CDD owns the Clubhouse. The CDD Clubhouse Manager is responsible for the scheduling of any and all events taking place in the Clubhouse. Any issues with regard to maintenance or safety should be brought to the attention of the CDD Clubhouse Manager.
    The CDD is also responsible for management of other community amenities including the Dog Park, Shuffleboard Courts, Bocce Ball Courts, Tennis Courts. Nature Walk, Butterfly Park, Fishing Pond, Entrance Gates, Roads, and all  water retention ponds in the community.

Community Re-roofing
  • Community Re-roofing Project
    All home styles except Estate and Patio II are eligible for re-roofing under the Groves CC&R's. The current re-roofing schedule is as discussed below.
    Watertight Roofing Services has been contracted by the HOA and will start December 3, 2018. The homes scheduled for reroofing are based on the closing date of the home. The first phase, composed of 2001 closings, includes eligible homes on Homosassa, Shaddock, Eustis, Genoa, and Trovita. Like the painting process, the roofing contractor will conduct inspections and notify homeowners with instructions and information.  A Notice of Commencement, required by the State/County permitting process, will be sent to each homeowner. If you are interested in knowing more, please see Florida State Statue 713.13 via www.leg.state.fl.us. 
    The new roof comes with a GAF Golden Pledge Warranty. Club Homes will receive a 20-year labor and materials warranty and other homes, a 25 year. The contractor will register the warranty with GAF, and a copy will be placed in the resident file located on the HOA server at the Clubhouse. The ACC has approved five (5) shingle colors. Please ask Amy for the GAF Timberline HD Color Book. For all homes, the approved colors are Slate, Birchwood, Driftwood, Shakewood, and Weatherwood. Please carefully read the information provided by the contractor to insure a smooth reroofing experience. 


Golf Carts in The Groves
  • Are children allowed to drive golf carts?
    While the operator of a golf cart does not have to be a licensed driver, the driver must be over 14 years of age. 
  • Can golf carts be driven on the roads outside The Groves?
    Golf carts may not cross over or drive on any road with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or higher. 
  • Can golf carts be driven on the sidewalk?
    No motor vehicle can be driven on a public sidewalk. A golf cart is only allowed on the sidewalk in the immediate area of a golf course and then only to cross from one portion to the other.
  • Can I receive a traffic citation for driving my golf cart?
    Yes, if you violate Florida traffic laws governing the use of golf carts on public roads you can be cited.
  • Do I need to have insurance for a golf cart?
    While Florida does not require the owner of a golf cart to hold liability insurance, it can offer peace of mind: Golf carts can get stolen or damaged, and they can also cause serious damage or injuries in an accident.
  • Does my personal golf cart need to be "street legal"
    No, your personal golf cart is not required to be considered "street legal" in order to operate it within The Groves community. For safety reasons, your cart should not exceed our 20 MPH speed limit and should have lights, turn signals and brake lights.
    If you wish to operate your cart outside The Groves property (ie within Connerton) your cart would have to meet the requirements of Florida laws governing LSV's (Low Speed Vehicles).
  • What Florida law governs golf cart use?
    SECTION 212 Operation of golf carts on certain roadways.
    316.212 Operation of golf carts on certain roadways.—The operation of a golf cart upon the public roads or streets of this state is prohibited except as provided herein:
    (5) A golf cart may be operated only during the hours between sunrise and sunset, unless the responsible governmental entity has determined that a golf cart may be operated during the hours between sunset and sunrise and the golf cart is equipped with headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and a windshield.
    (6) A golf cart must be equipped with efficient brakes, reliable steering apparatus, safe tires, a rearview mirror, and red reflectorized warning devices in both the front and rear.
    (7) A golf cart may not be operated on public roads or streets by any person under the age of 14.
    ... and also
    SECTION 217 When lighted lamps are required.
    316.217 When lighted lamps are required.—
    (1) Every vehicle operated upon a highway within this state shall display lighted lamps and illuminating devices as herein respectively required
    (a) At any time from sunset to sunrise including the twilight hours. Twilight hours shall mean the time between sunset and full night or between full night and sunrise.
    (b) During any rain, smoke, or fog.
    (c) Stop lights, turn signals, and other signaling devices shall be lighted as prescribed for use of such devices.
  • Where are golf carts allowed in The Groves?
    • Golf carts are allowed on all the roads and paved golf cart paths inside The Groves.
    • Non-golfers may use course cart paths only when the golf course is closed.
    • Golf cart operators are expected to obey all traffic rules and signs.
    • Golf Carts may not be driven on any sidewalk.

Golf Questions
  • Can I play golf after the Pro-Shop closes?
    Playing golf after the pro shop has closed is permissible only to those who have annual own cart memberships and play card holders that are current with their payments. Those players should advise the pro shop prior to closing and prior to their play and complete their play prior to course closing time. Those who are not paid up annual own cart members are not permitted to start golfing after the pro shop has closed for the day. Annual memberships should have the annual decals clearly posted on both sides of their golf cart.
  • Is there a dress code for the golf course?
    Proper attire is required during use of all golf course facilities.
    • Slacks, suitable blue jeans as determined by the Pro Shop staff, shorts, collared shirts, and mock turtle necks with at least a 1 ¼” collar for men.
    • Women’s attire shall consist of slacks, suitable blue jeans, shorts, skirts, collared shirts, mock turtlenecks or proper golf sportswear. Ladies shirts without collars or mock neck must have sleeves. Tank tops, swim wears or short shorts are not permitted.
    • T-shirts may only be worn on the driving range.
    • Soft-spiked golf shoes or athletic shoes only shall be worn on the golf course and practice areas. Bare feet are not permitted.
  • What is a GHIN
    GHIN is the acronym for Golf Handicap and Information Network. It's a service established by the United States Golf Association to provide handicaps for players at certain golf clubs and associations. A golf handicap is a numerical measurement of a golfer's ability. The lower the number, the better.
    Once you've joined a golf club that uses the USGA's system, you only have to turn in five scores (from five 18-hole rounds of golf) in order to first receive a handicap index.
  • When is the golf course open?
    The Groves Golf Course is open daily from 7:30AM til one-half hour before sunset.
  • If I see a large alligator what should I do?
    The American Alligator grows to between 11 and 13 feet and can weigh up to 800 pounds. The best thing to do is Leave It Alone. Alligators want to be away from you just as much as you want to be away from them.

HOA Fines & Violations
  • How much can I be fined?
    A fine imposed by the HOA fine accumulates at $100. per day for each day the violation continues from the violation date to a maximum of $1000. This process is governed by Florida Statute.
    Florida law allows both HOAs and condominium associations to impose fines against members, tenants, guests and invitees who violate the community’s declaration, articles of incorporation, bylaws or any rules adopted by the association. For HOAs, fines may not exceed $100 per violation, and the fines may be imposed for each day that the violation continues, with a statutory cap that the fines cannot exceed $1,000 per violation.
    Once fines are imposed, the next question is always “how do we collect them? The HOA statute does provide that if the fine exceeds $1,000, then the fine can be converted into a lien against the homeowner’s property. Certainly the fine can be collected in the event an estoppel is issued for a sale of the unit, and all associations have the ability to file legal actions to recover fines, in which case the prevailing party is also entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs in the matter.
    Ultimately, if the fining process does not result in compliance and the rule violations and non-payment continue, HOA's may file suit in county or circuit court to enforce the violations and the fines. For cases in which the rule breaker has clearly demonstrated that they will continue to refuse to comply with the rule and pay the fine imposed by the association, pursuing legal action against the violator is typically highly effective.
  • Why am I receiving a fining notice? C.S. 2-01

    The Board of Directors has taken a firm stance on fining residents that do not follow the Community Standards. Please discuss any proposed changes with the CAM and submit an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Approval Form  BEFORE MAKING ANY exterior changes to your home.
    Failure to comply may result in a minimum $100 fine. A number of residents have been caught changing the exterior appearance without approval of the ACC. Don’t be one of those who have to go through the stress of the compliance process. It’s totally avoidable.
    If you have been cited for “C.S. 2-01 – No prior ARC/ACC approval,” remove the cited items until approval is obtained to avoid the $100 Fine.
    If residents have questions, please call or come by the Office.   
  • Why did I get a violation notice and what should I do?
    One of the significant benefits of living in a Florida deed restricted community is the ability of the association to adopt and enforce community standards in order to maintain property values and avoid the problems associated with neighbors who allow their homes to fall into disrepair or fail to abide by the rules creating a nuisance for the entire neighborhood. 
    A "Violation Notice" can be initiated by the CAM (Community Association Manager) for any one of several reasons:
    • your property is not being maintained according to association standards (ie dead grass or shrubbery, walkways, driveway or roof needing power-washing or other visible items contravening published community standards)
    • you have violated golf course rules
    • you have violated The Groves Rules of Conduct
    • you have violated Pet Policies
    • you have violated other published rules or policies that you agreed to when you purchased your home.
    Upon receipt of a "Violation Notice" you should immediately contact The Groves CAM (Community Association Manager) to either resolve the issue or understand your right to dispute the issue.
    If the issue is not resolved through the CAM,  the association will take further action to resolve the violation in order to maintain community standards. Available options include assessing fines, suspending member privileges and commencing legal action against the homeowner to enforce the governing documents.

Living In The Groves
  • Are there things to do in The Groves?
    Yes. besides Golf there are many activities as shown here on our Lifestyle & Amenities Page.
  • Can children/grandchildren live with me in The Groves?
    Children & grandchildren are welcome in The Groves however, under Amendment Two of our CC&R's, "No person under the age of twenty-two (22) shall be allowed to permanently occupy any residential unit in The Groves Golf & Country Club. Occupancy by said individuals in any residential unit(s)  for more than thirty (30) consecutive days days or for a total of forty-five (45) days in a calendar year shall constitute "permanent" occupancy". Please consult with the CAM Tom Dee if you require clarification.
  • Can I rent or lease my house?
    Yes, but there are restrictions. Please contact the Community Association Manager who will explain The Groves requirements and restrictions prior to making any arrangements.
  • Can non-golfing residents use the golf course?
    Yes. you may use the cart paths during non-operational hours:
    • The golf course is open from 7:30 until 1/2 hour before sunset each day.
    • Access to the golf course by non-golfers is prohibited when the golf course is open.
    • Residents may use the golf cart paths when the golf course is closed. Please do not drive on the grass.
    • Residents using the golf course should travel in the same direction as play (hole 1-18) to avoid any late playing golfers.
    • Pets are not allowed on the golf course at any time.
    • The greens and fairways may NEVER be used for any golf practice. Please use the Aqua Range or Practice Green adjacent to the Clubhouse. 
    • You may bicycle, walk or use a golf cart on the golf course pathways during off hours subject to the above restrictions.
  • How do I let a visitor in at the front gate?
    When someone contacts you from the front gate, you will press 6 on either your home or cell phone to let them in. 
  • How do my guests get in after 7PM at the front gate?
    The new gates and monitoring company will be starting January 1.  New gates will be put in and new surveillance equipment added, so please be patient for the next several weeks as we limp by with the old gates and equipment. I have been able to hold things together so far, but we have several broken pieces of equipment that are not worth repairing.
    Everyone’s name has been entered into the gate entry system system along with a phone number. For those who have given us a second phone number such as a cell phone, your name will show up twice on the key pad system screen. Note that no phone numbers can be seen on the screen and you will not be dialing someone’s phone number directly.
    When using the kiosk key pad system, you must scroll down the alphabetized list to find the name of the person you are looking for. Once that person is found, there will be a number next to that name. Simply enter that number, and the system will call that particular person.
    When someone contacts you from the front gate, you will press 6 on either your home or cell phone to let them in. If your guests already knows your assigned number, they can also enter that from the beginning instead of having to scroll down.
    The numbers will be made available at the Civic Center or you may check the key pad system itself. If you have a guest who is coming to watch your home or is here for a short period of time, and you will not have access to your phone, we can issue a temporary pin number for that person. This pin number will expire and cannot be used again at a later date.
    Please visit the Civic Center for those specific circumstances. Pin numbers will not be issued for regular access to the community.
  • I'm having a dispute with my neighbor, what should I do?
    Please do not engage or escalate with your neighbor. Contact the Community Association Manager and discuss the issue.

  • Where do I get the Groves Connection Newsletter
    The Groves Connection is published monthly in digital PDF format and is available on this website on the 1st of each month.  A paper copy is available on request from the Admin at the Clubhouse.   The Groves Connection contains an abundance of information including articles from the HOA and CDD Boards and Managers, golf, fitness and the various clubs.
    The Newsletter’s Calendar of Events includes the dates and times of indoor and outdoor events and activities, meetings and other useful information. The monthly calendar is also available for viewing or printing on this website.
  • Why did the newsletter go to digital distribution?
    There were several reasons for the switch to digital distribution:
    1. The printing of over 6000 11x17 pages per month was becoming more costly in terms of both consumable supplies and wear and tear on the printing equipment.
    2. The work effort to fold, collate, add inserts and tape each copy for mailing had been done for years by essentially the same team of volunteers. 
    3. The digital distribution format gives us more flexibility to use color and to add additional pages if there are more newsworthy articles in a particular month. This was not easy to do with the printed newsletter.
    The changeover to digital distribution was vetted through the community via several surveys and received final HOA Board approval in August 2018. In the surveys, the majority of residents were in favor of digital distribution.

Web Site Questions
  • I am a Groves Resident, how do I obtain a password?
    Contact The Groves Admin @ (813)995-2832 or stop by The Groves Clubhouse where The Groves Admin will set up your web account.
  • I forgot my password, what do I do?
    Contact The Groves Admin @  (813)995-2832. She will provide instructions to reset your password.
  • Where do I find resident service request forms and documents?
    They are located in the Drop Down Menu under Resources. They may also be accessed directly from here using the following link: Resident Forms or in the Clubhouse Lobby at the Admin desk.
  • Why do I need a password?
    Certain information on our website such as the resident directory with phone numbers and our HOA financial information are subject to privacy laws and may not posted in the public area.