*Mexican Train
Don't know how to play?
Don't worry, we'll teach you!
Bring Yourself,
Bring Friends,
Just come out and have fun!
Tuesdays @ 6:00PM Clubhouse Ballroom
For more information contact:
Laura or Billy Weathers
Mexican Train is played each Tuesday evening at 6:00.  Please try to arrive by 5:45.  With few exceptions, we typically play in The Groves Ballroom. If you have a Mexican Train game, please bring it with you since we never know how many players we’ll have.
We have implemented a few changes as follows: 
1. At least 2 tables (up to 8 players per table) will be available for new players or anyone who does not have a regular group. Signs will be on those tables that read Open Table. Laura and Billy will be captains for those tables. Regular groups will continue as always if they so desire.
2. Late comers may join a game in progress based on available seating. 
3. On those Tuesday's when the ballroom is not available due to meetings or other functions, Mexican Train will be cancelled. An email will be sent in advance to notify all of any cancellations.
For additional information, please contact Billy Weathers at bgweathers@gmail.com