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Spectrum Bulk Cable Meeting
Posted on Dec 30th, 2018

The new rates and services will officially begin March 1, 2019 and continue through February 28, 2024. The new contract includes both video and internet. The residents are charged $44/month as part of the HOA fees. The “bronze” video service (channel line-up available on the website - 447 total channels), basic internet (100mb download and 1 modem/router), and three (3) set top boxes (one can be a DVR – service included). No bill will be sent to the resident if the bulk video/internet stays within the contract provisions. The phone is extra at $9.99 per month and billed directly to the resident as well as any premium channels/ services, or security systems. Spectrum is also upgrading the community internet infrastructure to improve speed and availability. The contract also has a maximum annual increase of 4% (prior contract was 5%/year). Most residents will see the monthly bill they receive from Spectrum reduced significantly or eliminated with the new contract. Have your questions ready and we will see you at the Spectrum/Groves meeting.