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This contest is open to Groves residents only.
  1.  One submission per person.
  2.  Entries must be submitted by midnight 04/15/2018
  3. If multiple entries qualify for a prize the earliest submission date/time will be used to select the winner.
  4. Winners names will be posted on the web in the news section and in the May Newsletter.
How much do you know about the rules of golf, golf procedures and the Groves’ golf course? Test your knowledge of the basics by identifying whether the following statements are true or false. Learning the answers to these questions will aid in your knowledge and pleasure of the game.
Golf Quiz #1
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1. You can be disqualified for teeing off in front of the tee box.
2. You cannot repair any damage caused by a competitor walking in your putting line.
3. If you lose your golf ball in the fairway, you may drop another one where you saw it land, with a one-stroke penalty.
4. When playing ready golf, the teeing honors no longer apply.
5. The dos and don’ts associated with an ESA are defined by the USGA Rules Of Golf.
6. The Groves has a set of published Rules and Regulations approved by the HOA board.
7. I can move my ball for the purpose of identifying it and I do not have to announce I am doing it.
8. The games of Best Ball and a Scramble are the same game.
9. Red and yellow stakes can be moved if they interfere with your swing, but not white stakes.
10. A golfer cannot have two different balls in play on the same hole at the same time.
11. If you unintentionally move your ball while searching for it in tall grass, there is a one-stroke penalty.
12. A player who begins a competitive round with 13 clubs may add a further club at any time.
13. It is permitted to eliminate an irregularity of the surface on the teeing ground.
14. A ball is not out of bounds unless the whole of it lies out of bounds.
15.You must finish a hole with the same ball with which you started the hole, assuming the ball is not damaged.
16. The footprint of a burrowing animal, reptile or bird is considered an irregularity of the surface from which there is relief without penalty.
17. A player is permitted to bend a branch of a tree with his hands in order to get under a tree to play a ball; this constitutes fairly taking a stance.
18. A competitor took relief from a lateral water hazard, dropped a ball in a wrong place (three club-lengths from where the original ball last crossed the hazard margin) and played it; his total penalty is three strokes.
19. Sand and loose soil are loose impediments on the putting green only.
20. A ball incorrectly dropped in a wrong place, but not played, may be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with the rules.
21. While you are putting on the green your ball hits the flagstick lying behind the hole, you incur a two-stroke penalty.
22. During a stroke play event, you can take practice putts but not full shots.
23. If you accidentally move your ball while moving loose impediments from the green, you are penalized one stroke.
24. If your ball starts to move but you hit it anyway, there is a one-stroke penalty added to the stroke you just took.
25. The general club-length rule for taking a drop is a penalty is two club lengths and a free drop is one club length.