HOA Committees
The Groves HOA Board of Directors may create such committees as it deems necessary, to advise and assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. All committees so designated shall be created by action of a majority of the directors present at a meeting at which a quorum is present. All members of such committees shall similarly be appointed by action of a majority of directors.
This Policy shall not apply to the Architectural Control Committee. The Architectural Control Committee, however, may incorporate sections of this Policy into its charter as appropriate, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
  1.  A Standing Committee is a permanent committee created by Board adoption of a Committee Charter, which shall define the committee’s Purpose, Membership and Structure, Duties and Responsibilities, and Meeting requirements. Unless otherwise documented in the Association’s Bylaws such committee charters shall be incorporated into of this Policy Manual. A standing committee may only be dissolved by action of a majority of the directors present at a meeting at which a quorum is present.
  2. A Temporary or Ad Hoc Committee is a committee created by the Board of Directors to serve a specific purpose or perform a specific task, usually within a designated time period. The Board resolution to create a Temporary or Ad Hoc committee shall specify the task assigned to the committee, and the timeframe for completion (committee “charge”). Temporary or Ad Hoc committees shall be dissolved without further action when a final report has been presented to, and accepted by, the Board of Directors.
  3. An Advisory Committee is a standing or temporary committee established to advise the Board of Directors on matters relating to the operation of the Association. Unless specifically designated as Operating Committees, by Committee Charter or by resolution of the Board of Directors, all committees of the Board shall be advisory in nature.
  4. An Operating Committee is a standing or temporary committee authorized to act on specific matters on behalf of the Board of Directors.
Architectural Control Committee
Chairperson: Bob Dietz
The ACC performs the architectural and landscape review and control functions relating to The Groves Golf & Country Club.  The ACC reviews all submittals to assure procedures and standards conform to design guidelines as set forth in the Community Standards and in the Declarations.
Meeting Frequency: Twice Monthly 
Finance Committee
Chairperson: Ray Bellamy
The Finance Committee shall be an active committee whose duties are to perform specific tasks as directed by the Board of Directors of the Groves. The committee will also review the organization’s financial performance against its budget and propose major transactions and programs to the board of directors.
Meeting Frequency:
The Finance Committee will meet on a monthly basis after the prior month’s
financial statements are received.

Compliance Committee
Chairperson: Melinda Pearl
The Groves Compliance Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to review and adjudicate appeals by residents of HOA Board approved fines and/or suspension of privileges (pursuant to Florida Statute 720.305) for violations of the Rules.
Meeting Frequency: Monthly, as required. Meetings are not held if no fining issues have been approved by the BOD.
Golf Committee
Chairperson: Betty Douglass
Primary purpose is to advise the HOA BOD in all matters pertaining to the golf course & the golfing program, including rate structure.
Meeting Frequency: Monthly